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  • Where is Twin Ports Aerial located? +

    We are located in Duluth, MN, next to The Other Place Bar & Grill at 3916 E Calvary Rd.
  • Do you guarantee delivery time? +

    We always do our best to deliver equipment at the pre-arranged time; however, due to traffic conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances, we do not guarantee delivery time. If the equipment is delivered outside of a four-hour delivery window, please call us. If you have a specific time that the equipment must be delivered, please notify us in advance. Additional charges may apply.
  • Can I get a delivery tomorrow? +

    Yes, in most cases we are able to deliver equipment the next day. Please do keep in mind that early morning delivery times fill up quickly and may not be available. In some cases, if the equipment is available, and trucks are available, we can deliver the same day. If necessary, an outside hauler may be used, but normal delivery rates do not apply.
  • Can I pick-up or drop off the equipment myself? +

    For your safety, and limitations posed by our insurance policy, pickp is dependent on what you are renting. Our haulers must be used for all heavy equipment deliveries and pick-ups.
  • What is “local delivery”? +

    Local delivery varies by market and the delivery company we use. Local delivery can range anywhere from 25 to 50 miles, depending on the market. Ask Twin Ports Aerial for information about local delivery for your particular area.
  • When will my equipment be picked up? +

    While we do our best to pick up equipment promptly at the end of each rental term, scheduling issues or other unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. The equipment may not be picked up for several hours, days or even possibly weeks after the scheduled pick up time. In such cases, the customer is responsible for housing the equipment until it is picked up. If you are not able to house the equipment or require that it be picked up from the job site before a designated date or time, you must notify your Rental Expert in advance. Additional charges may apply.
  • Am I responsible for damages? +

    In most cases, yes. Incidental damage may be covered by the Damage Waiver. For complete details on our rental policies, please refer to the Terms & Conditions outlined in the provided Rental Agreement.
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