G6-42AComfort. Confidence. Serviceability. We wouldn't expect you to settle for anything less with JLG® telehandlers. The best-in-class cabs feature enhanced visibility, while a wide range of attachments allows for more versatility on the job site. Tier 4 Final engines are fuel-efficient with less environmental impact.

JLG® high capacity telehandlers allow operators to accomplish multiple tasks with the perfect blend of strength, versatility and smart technology. Their higher lift capacity and enhanced versatility cut down on the time it takes to complete the work, saving time, money and labor on the job site.


Available Models:

Make  Model Max. Lift 24" Load CTR Max. Lift Height Maximum Reach Capacity @
Max Reach
Overall Dimensions Stowed Height Weight
 JLG  G-6/42A  6,600 lbs.  42'  29'  1,000 lbs.  97.2" x 212.6"  94"  23,800 lbs.
 JLG  G-9/43A  9,000 lbs.  43'  30' 6"  1,500 lbs.  97.2" x 237"  95.5"  29,800 lbs.
 JLG  G-10/55A  10,000 lbs.  55'  42'  3,000 lbs.
(outriggers required)
 101" x 240"  101"  36,500 lbs.


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