pac15bOur air-cooled portable air conditioners are designed to easily roll from room to room to provide convenient cooling to a space. These 1-10 ton units fit through a standard 36-inch wide door and operate at quiet sound levels making them suitable for office cooling applications. Additionally, TEMP-AIR mobile air conditioners are ideal for construction sites, special events, production processes, hospitals, warehouses, laboratories, manufacturing centers, schools, and general supplemental air conditioning. The air-cooled units also act as dehumidifiers with a condensate tank located in a sliding drawer on the bottom of the unit. Air is filtered using Merv 7 filters to remove air contaminants. Most units come with a scroll compressor, backward-inclined fan, and digital programmable thermostat. Optional accessories include: nozzle kit, ceiling discharge kit, condensate pump, condenser return air plenum, evaporator return air plenum, and cold air supply duct adapter.

Our large industrial, portable air conditioners are used to precisely control temperature and humidity levels in a space. These 6-75 ton cooling units are ideal for construction, retrofits, supplemental cooling, emergency cooling, industrial process cooling, disaster relief, and special events.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Convenient, single unit design
  • Economical and efficient operation
  • Industrial-grade casters for easy portability

PAC-1.2 FULL DETAILS 1.2 350 115/1/60/15
PAC-1.5A FULL DETAILS 1.5 600 115/1/60/15
PAC-1.5B FULL DETAILS 1.5 500 115/1/60/15
PAC-2 FULL DETAILS 2 750 208-230/1/60/20
PAC-3 FULL DETAILS 3 1,200 208-230/1/60/30
PAC-5 FULL DETAILS 6 2,300 208-230/1/60/60
PAC-5P4 FULL DETAILS 6 2,300 460/3/60/20
PAC-5B23 FULL DETAILS 6 2,300 208-230/3/60/40
PAC-5B4 FULL DETAILS 6 2,300 460/3/60/20

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